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Do you manage a remote team and do you feel you are a bit out of touch with them at times? How are they doing? Are they feeling down? Happy? How's the spirit been over the past months? Do you have the answers to these questions?

Employee happiness is one of the key “metrics” to track for a productive team. Happy employees stay longer, do better work and are generally healthier. Which has a direct effect to your business.

The Helptail Bot in Microsoft Teams, sends automatically Weekly Pulse surveys to your team to ask how their week was.

Simple, easy and quick for them. And really insightful for you. See at a glance who is on a roll and who you can help to get on track again.

Works together with

Automated Weekly Pulse

Add the Helptail Bot to your Microsoft Teams account and it will send automated Weekly Pulse surveys.

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preview of the Helptail bot in Microsoft Teams

Instant insights

Get an instant idea of the spirit in your team.

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preview of the Helptail dashboard


Customisable to fit your company or team.

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