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How to embed your blog in your webapp

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When running a web company, you’ll often find your marketing site is separate from your SaaS application. Your marketing site could be built with any of the freely available open-source platforms, a paid hosted platform or something else entirely.

This set up is a great way not to be dependent on your developers to deploy a new version of your site, but you or your marketer(s) could push new content any time of the day.

1. Set up your Helptail account

Helptail is a marketing automation tool for SaaS. Embedding any RSS feeds, like the one for you blog, is one of the many features it supports. It works by fetching the latest entries from your RSS feed and shows them on any page you wish. If you have your Helptail account up and running (the docs are here to help), let’s get to step two.

2. Get your RSS feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndicate. It’s a great, albeit somewhat oldschool, way of keeping up with the latest content from your favourite sites. If you use any of the open-source options for your site, you can be pretty sure it supports RSS.

Go to your blog. For this blog that would be Now you need to check out the source-code of that page and look for a link that looks like “”. Copy that URL to your clipboard.

3. Create your stream for articles

Go to Streams in your Helptail dashboard. In the top-right corner click Add New Stream. As the Stream Type choose “Outbound Stream” and for the temlate choose “Articles List”.

On the screen that follows, paste the url you copied above, in the URL field. After you click Refresh Feed you will see your latest articles appear in the preview on the right. Magical, right?! 🤩

If you followed step 1 completely, all that’s left to do, is to activate your stream by toggling the Activate button in the top-right corner. Your latest blogs will now appear on your site.

And that’s it! Three simple steps to always have your latest bogposts appear in your app without any expensive developer time.

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