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Add a feature request form to your SaaS

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Getting feature requests from your SaaS’ users is the quickest way to help you shape your roadmap. They can help you with new ideas for features or decide which feature to take on first. Unlike many tools outthere, Helptail keeps your users where they are and not redirect them to another page. It simply shows the form embedded in your app. This really helps with collecting data more easily, without being obtrusive.

How to add a feature request form

Helptail comes with a feature request form template, so it only takes a few minutes to set up.

At step 3 you can customise your new form however you like. The “Selector” is where the Stream will be attached too. Change the colours of the toggle button and the submit button. When done, toggle Activate and your form will be published to your app right away. Ready to collect feature request from your users.

More advanced customisation

There are multiple more ways you can customise your stream to match your needs. Some ideas are:

  1. only show the form to paid users
  2. only show the form to customers on a certain subscription
  3. hide the form after they submitted a certain amount of times
  4. attach the form to a HTML element already on your page

Ideas 1 - 3 are easily set up using rules. Idea 4 is useful if you already have a button in your app that if clicked you want to show the form and don’t want to use the toggle button. Check out how that be set up using Helptail.

And that’s all you have to do to get started to collect feature ideas from your customers. Once published, expect entries to show up in your dashboard. You can also look into automating processing the entries using Zapier. For example: push new entries to a Google spreadsheet or into a dedicated Slack channel for your customer support team.

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