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Get feedback from your SaaS customers via email

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Helptail gives you a super simple way to collect feedack from your SaaS customers via an embeddable widget. Select a template, tweak the form, set up automation rules so it shows only to specific customers and enable it to have the form show to (some of) your customers.

But there’s a way to get answers to a form via email too! In this short guide, you will learn how.


Having the form on a publicly accessible page just makes it a bit easier for your customers to answer your survey as they don’t have to log in. Luckily with Helptail you are not limited to one domain or page. Forms can be easily added onto every page or element where the JS widget is available on. Also you are not limited to radio buttons, but can use any input field (see below for an example).

Write the email

The email you sent should then list all the answers as a link to the page. Like the following example.

Hello there,

Thanks for being a Helptail customer for 4 weeks. I would like to know how likely are you to recommend us to a friend? Just click any of the links below. 1 being not very likely and 10 being very likely.



—Team Helptail

You would add each answer you have in your form as a link they can click. For the NPS survey these are 1 to 10. When your user would click any of these links, the given value is selected for them.


As your form is on a public page, you won’t know who your customer is. You can of course, add a field to ask for their name or email, but there’s a better way!

You can add a hidden field, and use the same technique from above to prefill this via a URL param. Let’s name the hidden field userId and add ?htProperties=[] to the link. The hidden field will be filled with the value entered and it would then be added to the entry.

An example including the above link would become:


No extra data from your customer needed. Winning!

Another great way to make sure one user doesn’t enter multiple entries for one form, is to add an automation rule to hide the form when the submit count is 1. Helptail will hide the form whenever the form is submitted.

How are you going to use this technique? Any ideas or improvements? Let us know.

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