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Launch again (soon)

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If you read the previous updates, you know I’m in the process of changing course of Helptail slightly. Some fairly big new features are up and coming and as such I’m going to launch Helptail again!

What? Launch? Again?!

Yes, a common misconception is you can only launch once. But, from experience, I know you can launch many times. Obviously when you pivot, but also when you make slight course adjustments. Or when you add a new big feature. Or when nobody noticed your launch. You simply launch again.

This same experience makes me appreciate multiple smaller launches instead of one big launch. If you are an indie/bootstrapped/calm founder, this is much manageble too. It increases your customer base slowly, allowing you to also slowly increase your bandwith (eg. more servers, more team members, etc.). No servers on fire, no stress and no wake-up calls from servers being down. Perfect!

So once the big features are live, I will launch Helptail again. I’ve already improved the marketing site, but these new improvements make for a way more versatile product.

I’ve never been a fan of Product Hunt as a launch-strategy—tried it multiple times, but maybe you can convince me otherwise?

Furthermore I’m thinking of some solid introduction pricing, for example 50% off for the first year when buying annual. There’s no fixed launch date just yet as development is still ongoing, but hopefully in the next update I know a bit more. Suggestions or ideas I haven’t thought of for launch? Let me know!

I’ll keep you posted!

—Eelco, founder Helptail

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