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I’m really excited to announce Helptail has launched. Albeit as a very early alpha version. It is a true no-code tool for SaaS marketers and was born from inside Seos, my previous SaaS.

This “idea” sprung from my talks with business owners for Seos. At first I played with adding this as a feature to Seos, but as I talked it over with more people, it would work better as a standalone product. This way it has a narrower scope (easier to market), while still having the option to scale horizontally (ie. implementing some of the very powerful features Seos had).

But first, what’s Helptail? A no-code marketing automation tool for SaaS. Collect feedback (with embeddable forms) and broadcast messages to your customers. All with just one JS snippet.

By just adding this one snippet, you can add multiple features in no time. All super customisable and easy to change. No code knowledge needed. All changes can be easily made from your Helptail dashboard. I’ve jokingly called it the Notion of JS widgets

What are some of the ways customers use Helptail?

Note: that some of the above usecases are currently in development.

Really quite versatile, right? Thé tool to set up once and keep finding new ways to use it.

Helptail is currently my main focus. Aside from improving the foundation, I’m continually increasing the feature-set. Early access is now available with a limited feature set (but rapidly growing!).

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