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All the things you didn't know you could do with Webhooks

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Webhooks are like push notifications for the web. If some event happened, a payload (usually the content of the event) is sent to an URL you set up. Helptail supports webhooks too. When set up, anytime a new inbound entry is received, a webhook payload is sent to the URL you added. Allowing you to do all kinds of useful things with your incoming entries. This is a list with things you can do with webhooks.

Connect with 4,000+ apps using Zapier

Not all services you use have first-party support for Zapier, but do support Webhooks. For those services you can use the app Webhooks by Zapier. This is a premium feature, but as it can help you save you many hours of your time, most certainly worth it. Do also check out the guide how to set up Helptail with Zapier using Webhooks.

Get notifications on Telegram

If you use the very popular messaging app Telegram, you might be delighted to learn you can also use it to receive notifications. The only thing you need is to add the Pushmore Bot. On set up, you’ll receive the webhook endpoint URL you can use.

Get notified in Slack

To get the content from your provided webhook into Slack, create a new Slack app first. From toggle Activate Incoming Webhooks. Click Add New Webhook to Workspace. Choose a channel where the webhook content should appear and click Authorize. You are now provided with the Incoming Webhook URL you can use.

Be notified in a Discord channel

From your channel list, go into the settings for a channel of your choosing. From there select Integrations and click Create Webhook.

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