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Last time I emailed you, I talked about taking time away from your business to reflect.

This time I want to go into a few specifics what that means for Helptail. Going forward I’m going to minimise the work to outbound streams (ie. “broadcasting”). For the time being, on the product and marketing site, the focus will on inbound streams (ie. getting customer feedback).

So the tagline now is: Get feedback from your SaaS customers when the time is right

With the current features, Helptail is in a great position to deliver on this.

The roadmap has already been adjusted to match this focus too (work has started already). Some upcoming features: improved identification (so you better know who is who), sending events with first-party support for Stripe (so you can use that data to show certain forms) and more. The form builder will get huge improvements too. I hope to show that sometime soon.

And lastly the site has already been adjusted to match this new focus.

That’s the news for today: improved focus and tighter-scoped product. I think it will be really good!

Until next time! ☀️

—Eelco, founder Helptail

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