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How to add a Product Hunt welcome banner to increase sales

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When you launch on Product Hunt you get in front a highly engaged audience of web, SaaS and other indie folks. When they click-through to your website, you should try to drive further actions from them.

What can you do to convert these people? A great tactic is to show them a unique offer via a banner at the top of your homepage or a popup modal. With Helptail this is super easy to set up.

Ideas to turn Product Hunters into customers

There are multiple ideas you can utilise Helptail to increase action from your new Product Hunt leads.

Give a discount

The intent is there from your Product Hunt visitors. They just might need a little nudge. A nice discount can help with just that. Greet your Product Hunters and offer them a discount that is valid on launch day only. Guaranteed sales booster!

Ask for their email

Having a solid email list is every marketers’ dream. Ask your PH visitors for their email so you can update them later. Make sure to set the right context. Someone coming from Product Hunt might check out your app, but doesn’t have the time right away to sign up for an account. An easy way for them to be reminded about your app at a later stage might just be what they need.

Two examples of a attention-grabbing modal for Product Hunters

Offer specialised support

Depending on your product or service, you might offer to give specialised support. You could, for example, offer a concierge service to help them import some data. Or maybe they use a competitor, so you could offer to move their data over for them. The exact details depend on your product. Reach out to support if you need a sounding board. 🤙

Mix & match above ideas

With Helptail it’s easy to mix some of the above ideas too! For example: ask for their email address in turn for a discount. Winning! 🏆 A sweet discount is surely worth their email. Tip: give a hint of the discount in your first comment on Product Hunt.

Setting up your welcome banner

The many features from Helptail combined make it super easy to set up a popup that will increase your leads on your Product Hunt launch day. 😻

The exact steps you need to take depend which idea you want to take, but setting up the rule to check for the referrer is the important piece here.

Let’s go with getting their email as it provides the best from all the worlds. 🌍

From the Streams screen, choose Add New Stream in the top-right corner. For the Stream Type choose “Inbound Stream” (we want to get data from your users), and at step 2 choose the “Collect emails from modal” template.

In Step 3 you can customise the content in the content tab. Note that the {{ form }} liquid tag is an important piece. To learn more about liquid templating, check out the docs.

As a last step, you need to target visitors from Product Hunt only. You can do so by setting up rules. Below Show Stream choose the Trigger “Referrer”. For the Operator, select “Is” and as a Value enter “”.

Note: you can also set up a rule to check that the current_url ends with ?ref=producthunt. This URL param is always appended to the the outgoing URLs from Product Hunt.

Screen preview of the PH inbound stream and the rules set up to target

This last step makes sure that only people coming directly from your Product Hunt page will see the modal.

And that’s all there is to it. Every person that enters their email in the modal, will be added to the stream you created above. You can view all the entries on your dashboard or you can automate what happens afterwards by setting up webhooks.

Need help with your Product Hunt popup? Contact support for help.

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