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Automate workflows with Zapier and webhooks

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Zapier is a service that allows you to create workflow automations. You could, for example, add a row in Google Sheets anytime a new Inbound entry is created. This tutorial shows you how to set up such automations using the Webhooks feature in Helptail.

Note: An offical, first-party integration with Zapier is on the roadmap.

Add the trigger

Let’s get right into it by creating your first zap in Zapier. Search for “Webhooks by Zapier” (note that this a Premium feature). For the Trigger Event choose “Catch Hook”. Click Continue. On the following screen copy the “Custom Webhook URL” and click Continue.

Screen showing the options for webhooks in Zapier, with Catch Hook selected

Now in your Helptail dashboard, navigate to the Webhooks Settings. Find the stream you want to set up an automation workflow for and paste in the webhook URL from Zapier. Next, enable it by toggling the checkbox.

Now the basics are in place, let’s set up the fun part. 🥳 Test the trigger by creating an inbound entry using the stream you are creating this automation workflow for. You could do this either with the live preview of the stream in your Helptail dashboard or from wherever you added your inbound stream. If you test the webhook from your dashboard, be sure your stream is active (webhooks and notifications aren’t sent for inactive streams).

When you succesfully submitted your form, head back to Zapier and click Test Trigger. If all went well, you’d see a success message and the payload Helptail just sent to Zapier. 🎉 If it all looks good, click Continue to set up what should happen with each new entry.

Set up the Zapier action

For the action there are thousands of things you can do and all depends on your inbound entry.

Some ideas: for a contact form entry add them to your CRM, for an email collect form add them to your email marketing provider, etc. Search for the app you want and choose the correct event.

You can use all the data from the payload in your action. Along with the data your user entered, also some metadata like their (masked) IP address, the URL they submitted from and the timestamp (iso8601) are available.

And that’s all you need to do to set up an automation workflow with Zapier and webhooks.

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