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When you are a solo-founder working away on your new SaaS, you might get blind for what’s right in front you. This happens especially in the early months, were you frantically improve that minimal product. Focussed continously on the next feature that really needs to be there or that super helpful and shareable article. You are on a highway driving 200km/h. Nothing can stop you.

But let’s take step back. Not just for one hour, but for at least a few days. Is your messaging still correct, is your roadmap still aligned and do you distribute (and be generally available) in the right channels?

Maybe your tagline and promise of your product could be a bit more focussed? Maybe you’ve spent too much time in the wrong channels (getting pats on the back from fellow-indie founders is nice, but tht doesn’t build a business).

This is what I’ve been doing with Helptail as well. I will rewrite some of the marketing copy and reorder the backlog of features to match a more focussed product.

I got trapped in pushing some minor, nice-to-have features, but they don’t push the actual focussed product, I have in mind, forward. In the worst case they only create tech debt.

It’s a tricky and difficult exercise. Even more so if you have paying customers. “They pay so I’m doing something right”. And while it’s certainly a good sign, it can’t hurt to take some time away to reflect.

This is not a pivot, but changing gears to stay more focussed.

—Eelco, founder Helptail

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