Weekly Pulse surveys in Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams you can communicate with your team and get work done. Its tight integration with the Office suite makes it a great fit for many companies around the world. Helptail integrates neatly into Teams too, so getting Weekly Pulse reponses from your whole team is effortless and easy.

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How does it work?

After you created your Helptail account, you add the Helptail Bot to Teams. Once connected, Helptail will gather all available members and import them into your Helptail account.

preview of the Helptail bot in Microsoft Teams
The Helptail Bot sends a Weekly Pulse survey automatically, without being annoying or disruptive.
preview of the Helptail dashboard with a visual overview of all the Weekly Pulse responses
Your Helptail dashboard gives you an instant insight into the spirit of your whole team.

Every week your team get a message from the Helptail Bot, asking how their week was. They can answer with “Positive”, ”Neutral” or “Negative”[1] and after that the Helptail Bot asks for a short, and optional, written summary too.

These Weekly Pulse surveys are sent on at the end of the week and respect your team's different time zones. You can also choose to send it at “the end of the week”, which will take each individual working days into account.

All this information is then stored in your dashboard, where you can get all the insights on how your team's spirit is. Lots of green? Amazing! Bits of red? You might need check what's going on…

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It's easy and quick to set up Microsoft Teams with Helptail.

  1. Sign up for a Helptail account. It's free for 15 days and only $19 per manager, per month after that.

  2. Connect Teams with Helptail. The Helptail Bot will ask you to connect your Helptail account.

  3. You are set! Your team will now every week be receive Weekly Pulse surveys that will be collected in your Helptail dashboard.

[1] Instead of “positive”, “neutral” and “negative”, you can use different words and even emoji for these options

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