Attach to element on page

You can “attach” any inbound and outbound stream to an (html) element in your app or website. Often this will be body. Which means the stream will be visible on every page.

Change the Selector when editing any stream. If this element element is present on the page the current user is on, the stream will be added to it.

Screen previewing the selector input field

Element selectors

You can target any element to attach a stream too. It works the same like CSS Selectors. The different types of selectors are:

Make any element clickable

If you have a stream with a “beacon template”, you can choose to make any element on your page clickable intead of showing the toggle button provided by Helptail.

To do so, remove the content from the Toggle button input and add the correct Selector.

Screen showing the stream edit with an empty Toggle Button input

If you now click this element (eg. with data-element='cta-button' added to it from the example), you’ll notice it will open the beacon modal as expected.

Note: using this method it is not possible to add the unread badge.