Identify entries

You can set an identifier to know which customer submitted an entry. It can also be used for automation rules, for example to hide a form if a certain user already submitted before.

How to add an identifier?

Adding a identifier is nothing more than one line to your JS snippet. Like this:

  // …
      publicKey: 'YOUR-PUBLIC-KEY',
      identity: { id: 'USER-ID' }

Where USER-ID can be anything unique to the current user. This can be any string-value, like an email (eg. or a number value (eg. 1). Check the documentation of your framework of choice how to add this.

Note: the above snippet is shortened for brevity. View the full snippet at here.

What happens if I set no identifier?

When you set no identifier, Helptail will set a unique key for that user and store it in a cookie. This key is then checked instead of the identifier.