Quick Start Guide

To get all the magic from Helptail onto your site, you only need to add the Javascript snippet once to your site. Once it’s added, you can activate your streams from your helptail dashboard and based on each of your stream’s settings should you see it in effect right away. Every change you make to a stream is directly pushed live.

Create your first stream

From your dashboard, select Streams from the navigation bar on the left. From there choose Create new Stream. This brings you to a new page that guides you through the three steps of creating a new stream.

You will now see your stream with a (real working!) preview on the right.

For more in-depth documentation on each type of stream, check out the docs for inbound and outbound streams.

The preview is an actual working stream! Try to fill the form and you’ll see that entry appear on your dashboard.

How to add the snippet?

When you’re happy with how your embeddable contact form looks like, go to your settings. Here you find your customised JS snippet, ready to be added in your app.

  (function (w,d,s,o,f,js,fjs) {
    w['Helptail']=o;w[o] = w[o] || function () { (w[o].q = w[o].q || []).push(arguments) };
    js = d.createElement(s), fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
    js.id = o; js.src = f; js.async = 1; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
  }(window, document, 'script', 'mw', 'https://cdn.helptail.com/v1/embed.js'));
  mw('init', { publicKey: 'YOUR-PUBLIC-KEY' });

Above snippet is the same for every Helptail customer, except the publicKey. The snippet you find on your settings has this key already added for you. You should add the snippet just before the </body> tag on every page you (might) want to add a stream to. How exactly to add this snippet, depends on the tools you use to build your site or app.

If you need any help with adding your JS snippet, feel free to reach out.

Get a subscription to activate streams

Although streams work in your dashboard, they first need to be activated before you can view them in your site or app.