Inbound Streams

Customer feedback with embeddable forms

With Inbound Streams you can get data and feedback from your customers using embeddable forms. Understand your customers when the time is right. With installing just one tiny JS snippet, you can enable many forms right from your dashboard.

3 preview examples of usage of Helptail: quality survey for article, changelog list and feature introduction modal for Zapier

Create many different forms and surveys to understand your customer better.
Add them on every page, some pages or only after they match certain criteria using rules.

Adding surveys and embeddable forms is easy

Helptail works by adding one tiny JS snippet onto your site. You can then add as many surveys and forms as you need. In Helptail we call these Inbound Streams. You can choose a template, click “activate” and your form will be published right away.

Jampacked to make embeddable forms all yours

Forms are truly customisable to be 100% on-brand. Change the brand colour, change the icon or the message that is shown after a successful submit. You decide how your embeddable forms should look and function.

Inbound Stream Usecases

There are many usecases for Inbound Streams. Check out the small selection below.

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