Issue   #001 27/09/2020

What is the key to an excellent remote manager?

What does make you an excellent manager? Do you communicate clearly? Do you promote trust? Or are you still to controlling and working towards enabling your team instead? That and two other great articles in this very first issue of “Managing Remote”.

Why Chiefs of Staff Are Key to Business Strategy

A Chief of Staff is vital to a healthy company with cared-for employees. The most effective Chiefs of Staff assume the responsibility for channelling the engagement, values, and culture of an organisation.


Decision-Making Styles for Great Leaders: Which One Are You?

As a manager decisions are inevitable. They can start to get overwhelming. But take a step back and use your normal decision-making style to your advantage and become a better leader.


The Key to Being an Excellent Remote Manager

Self-organising teams are urgent while working remotely. Realise that there are more options to control the situation without controlling the people.


And that is a wrap for the very first issue of “Managing Remote”. Did you enjoyed these articles? Let us know!

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