Issue   #002 04/10/2020

How much do you share with your team?

Transparency is really important for well-oiled teams. Transparency builds trust. Trust in you as a manager and trust in the company. But can you share too much? What do you share? Should you share as much or possible or are there situations where it’s better not too?

Leaders Need to Harness Aristotle’s 3 Types of Knowledge

This ability to size up a situation and the kinds of knowledge it calls for is a skill you can develop with deliberate practice, but the essential first step is simply to appreciate that those different kinds of knowledge exist, and that it’s your responsibility to recognize which ones are called for when.


Being Transparent Can Ensure Remote Success—Here’s How To Achieve It

Working remotely, people are empowered to work their way. This makes business leaders less visible. But they should embrace this flexibility and focus on increasing organisational transparency. Because this breaks down information silos, improves team communication, and keeps work visible.


Make your hires count by writing great job descriptions

A quick checklist designed to make sure you’re covering all your bases, so you can build a job description that leads to a great hire.


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