Issue   #004 01/11/2020

Are you a micromanager? Find out.

Micromanagement is a productivity, happiness and morale killer. But becoming one can go slowly and thus almost unnoticed. Learn if you are one and more interesting reads this Sunday.

How to Be a Transparent Leader (and Why)

“Transparent leaders don’t have to tell their team everything, but they need to share information freely so everyone is informed and involved to help with decision making.”


“A concentration on diversity, equity, and inclusion in your small business isn’t a trend, but something that should be woven into every internal process going forward.”


End Micromanagement: 6 Signs You’re a Micromanager (And What to Do Instead)

“Micromanagement can have disastrous results for your company, your team, but you can identify it in yourself and find solutions before they get out of control.”


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