Issue   #005 15/11/2020

The trust you build is a reflection of the trust you give

Do you have One on Ones with your team? Do you talk about health (issue) with them? Do you trust your team (and vice versa)? These are the topics in this Sunday’s issue.

25 Reasons You Must Start Having One on Ones with Employees

“There are many competing demands of your attention as a manager, many of which pay off faster than the long term investment in your people. One on ones are a tremendous tool and an essential part of being an effective manager.”


Talking About Mental Health with Your Employees — Without Overstepping

Great managers are interested in the people behind the work too. Talking about their (mental) health can be tricky and when done wrong, can lead to the opposite result.


How to maintain team-building momentum and trust with remote teams

“It’s also still really important to keep wellness and flexibility top of mind. Try to give everyone space and time to be productive. Whether they’ve got middle school kids at home, are taking care of elderly parents, or are confined to a studio apartment, people value empathy and understanding right now. (…) The trust you build is ultimately a reflection of the trust you give.”


That’s it for this Sunday. Enjoy it and see you next time.

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