Issue   #007 13/12/2020

This pandemic gives an idea on the steps managers can still make

The article in this week’s issue from the Economist shows a plethora of differing views between managers and employees. Time to bring everyone on the same line.

How the pandemic is forcing managers to work harder

“So managers have a lot more work to do in responding to the pandemic. Executives need to tailor their behaviour to individual employees’ needs. Ironically, though managers may have feared that remote working would allow employees to slack, it may be that managers have not been up to the challenge.”


4 simple ways I’ve tried to be more inclusive at work

“Despite how daunting change might feel, remember that you don’t need to be an expert to move the needle. You just need to care.”


The benefits of laziness: why being a lazy person can be good for you

“(…) most cultures see laziness as a negative trait. However, being lazy can have advantages—and many of them are backed by scientific research. So, what are the benefits of laziness?”


That’s all folks! As we at the Helptail HQ will slow down the following weeks—spending time with loved-ones, taking solid time off, we will take an additional week before sending the next Managing Remote newsletter. So see you all the 3rd of January 2021! 🎆

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