Outbound Streams

Send broadcasts with just one JS Snippet

Outbound Streams lets you send broadcast messages to your users. With Helptail it astoundingly simple to add announcement bars, a changelog or product update notifications. All comfortable added from your Helptail dashboard.

3 preview examples of usage of Helptail: quality survey for article, changelog list and feature introduction modal for Zapier

Show banners on every page, a changelog in a modal or a new feature announcement. All customisable and based on a RSS feed.

Activate users and keep them in the loop

Adding and improving features is only one part to get them in the hands of your users. You don't build a company by quietly blogging in your corner of the web. With Outbound Streams you can show all your product updates in a beautiful changelog modal and amplify your company updates in enticing announcement banners. Just add your RSS feed, activate the stream and Helptail does the rest.

Amplify your messages

Outbound streams come with a variety of templates built with Liquid. All templates are carefully crafted for you, but are easy to change, remove and add anything you want.

Outbound Stream Usecases

There are many usecases for Outbound Streams. Check out the small selection below.

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