Get feedback from your SaaS customers when the time is right

With just one JS snippet show surveys, feedback forms and more. All automated to show when the time is right.

3 examples on how to use Helptail

Get to know your customers and get valuable feedback

Understand why a customer signed up today or what you can improve to a certain part of your app. Use Helptail to get invalueable insights into your customers by adding just one tiny JS snippet.

  • Set up once

    You only have to insert the embeddable JS snippet to your site or app once.

  • No code required

    All forms can be enabled from your Helptail dashboard. Easy, and no extra developer time needed.

  • Form Builder

    The versatile form builder in Helptail allows you to create surveys, feedback forms and more tailored to your business.

  • Get feedback

    Ask for feedback via embeddable forms in your app. Show it inline, as a popup modal or as a beacon (in the bottom-right of your screen). Learn more.

  • Automate based on events

    Show forms only when certain criteria match. Data can be matched inline or from an integration, like Stripe. Easy to set up with rules.

  • Setup Assistance

    Already have forms on your app and want to switch? We help you move your data and forms over to Helptail. Just contact support (aka the founder).

Automate all the things!

With Rules you can show or hide a stream to the right user at the right time. Really versatile and easy to set up.

Get notified of each new entry

Get notified of new entries by email. Once enabled every new entry, including the submitted values and metadata, gets sent into your inbox. Read more in the docs

Preview of entry notifications in an inbox

Customise with Liquid

Liquid is a templating language you can use to customise how your streams look and functions. Read more in the docs

Preview of the content input field in the Helptail dashboard showing a Liquid example

Do more with webhooks

Webhooks are like push notifications for the web. Allowing you to do some cool things with your entries. Read more in the docs

Abstract image representing webhooks in Helptail