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Screenshot of the helptail dashboard with a two column layout: email column and content column

Run a SaaS for long enough, and you know that at some point support will become the defining feature of your business. Not just an afterthought, but something that makes a difference for your growth. Because as a small SaaS company you know that top-tier support can set you apart against faceless enterprises and boosts your word-of-mouth marketing.

Your customers don’t just do business with a company, but with a company run by humans. That human touch is what makes the difference. A great product gets the signup, but the people of the company gets them to stay. That’s why you provide the best possible support.

Not an easy feat! Also the options for email support are plenty, but none seem to understand how SaaS companies work. You want a fantastic way to answer support emails that suits your SaaS perfectly. You don’t need chat. It’s way too time-consuming. You don’t need a knowledge base, your marketing site built with a Static Site Generator can do that. You don’t need surveys, product tours, sms-support or whatever other upsell feature…

Just a great tool that let’s you answer support emails. While not breaking the bank. Say No More.

That’s Helptail. An email support tool for calm SaaS companies, built by a founder of many calm SaaS companies.

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Helptail is currently in early access with multiple dozen SaaS companies using daily. Early birds get a 50% discount for the first 12 months. It might take some time before you are invited.

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