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Finally! An email support tool for SaaS companies.

Build better relationships with your customers

Screenshot of the helptail dashboard with three column: navigation, email column and content column

You really tried your best to do support different with your SaaS company. No tickets that can be opened or closed, provide swift and useful responses, follow up if needed and so on. But it is simply too hard. You want to reach out to all customers when that frequently requested feature is released or want to let them know you are fixing that bug that crept in after the last release.

But no tool lets you work like this. They either turn support emails in tickets (and worse: make it visible to the customer!) or they are focussed on eCommerce use cases. It doesn’t have to be like this!


How does Helptail do things differently?

  • Follow Ups

    For more involved support requests, you can create a Follow Up. Bug came in? Add them to a Follow Up! Feature request? Add to Follow Up! Follow Ups work like a little project management tool: assign people and add tasks

  • Beautiful UI

    Who doesn't like pretty things? Helptail spots a beautiful and easy to use interface where you enjoy working from every day.

  • Connect with your error monitoring tool

    Proactively reach out when a customer stumbles upon a bug: “we are working on it” or “here's how you can work around it for now”. That's some solid customer relationship building!

  • AI to help you write replies

    AI can help you write more succint replies quicker. Add links to your docs or some blogposts. Be more thoughtful about by adding a personal note about your customer's business.

  • Connect with Stripe

    For SaaS companies, Stripe is the go-to solution for payments. See at a glance all your customer's billing details and create automations off of it.

  • Helptail is opinionated

    Helptail forces you to follow a certain workflow. No way around it, go with the flow and prosper (or not).

  • Common features included

    Bring you own email server. Contacts. Invite your whole team. Send later. Reminders. And so on.


Shut up, and take my money!

While in early access, Helptail will come with a 50% discount for the first year at $25/month (or $250/year). I might reach out every once in a while for some feedback. Early access ends when I deem Helptail solid enough for general use.


Hold up… I've got some questions

Sure! I’ve thought of some questions and will present those as generally asked questions. If you do have a question not listed here, please reach out to me.

Wait, is this new? Do we really need another support tool?

That depends. If you are a SaaS company, you know how the majority of current tools don’t cut it. Because the relationship with customers in your SaaS business is really different than that of, let’s say, an eCommerce business. So, yes, a better email support tool focussed on calm SaaS companies has its place.

Does Helptail come with the familiar support tools like chat or a knowledge base?

No. Calm SaaS companies shouldn’t use a live chat. It takes away from your needed focussed time. As for a knowledge base: you are probably better off building one yourself (using a static site generator + a CMS). Be in control and as a bonus: the upside of having the content on your own domain too.

How does the “early access” pricing work? What is included?

After signup, you can trial Helptail for 5 days. You get a discount code that gives you 50% off for the first year. After that first year, the regular price will be $50/month (or $500/year). With this plan you can use Helptail with your entire team and without any limits on emails, contacts and so on (fair-use policy will apply).

Who is behind this? What's the story?

Thats me, Eelco. I’m a (solo) founder of multiple SaaS companies (currently running Spinal). Helptail is based on an internal tool I built years ago and have solely used since. Whenever other founders saw the tool or customers complimented support, I got questions like: can I use this too? So early 2023 I started a complete rebuild to make it available to SaaS founders like you.

When can I use this at my company?

Currently Helptail is being used as “early access” at Spinal, at the companies of a handful of SaaS-friends and a few others who requested access. It is working remarkably well, but there are some things missing or working a bit wonky. Add yourself to the waitlist to be the first to get access.

Awesome… now let me join the waitlist!

Keep in mind that Helptail is currently in “early access” with only a dozen companies actively using it. It might take sometime before you are invited. There’s no ETA, but I do get in touch with everyone who signs up.