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$ 50 25 month

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited team members
  • 25 Follow Ups
  • 10 filters
  • Customer enrichment / CRM *
  • Search your docs, knowledge base, etc. *
  • Error monitoring integration
  • Stripe integration
  • AI assistant *

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, is this new? Do we really need another email support tool?

That depends. If you run a SaaS company, you know how the majority support tools don’t cut it. Because the relationship with customers in your SaaS business is really different than that of, let’s say, an eCommerce business. Also many add many, gimmicky and unneeded, features in order to upsell and increase profits. So, yes, a great email support tool focussed on calm SaaS companies has its place.

Does Helptail come with the familiar support features like chat or a knowledge base?

No. Calm SaaS companies shouldn’t use a live chat. It takes away from your needed focussed time. As for a knowledge base: you are better off building one yourself (using a static site generator + a CMS). Be in control, make it exactly yours, and as a bonus: the upside of having the content on your own domain too. Say No More.

How does the “early access” pricing work? What is included?

After signup, you can trial Helptail for 5 days. You get a discount for 50% off for the first 12 months. With this plan you can use Helptail with your entire team and without any limits on emails, contacts and so on (fair-use policy will apply). After 12 months the price will be $50/month (or $500/year).

Who is behind this? What's the story?

Thats me, Eelco. I’m a (solo) founder of multiple SaaS companies (currently also running Spinal). Helptail is based on an internal tool I built years ago and have used since. Whenever other founders saw the tool or customers complimented support, I got questions like: can I use this too? So in spring 2023 I started a complete rebuild to make it available to SaaS founders like you.

When can I use this at my SaaS?

Currently Helptail is being used at Spinal (that I also founded), at the companies of a handful of SaaS-friends and multiple dozen companies who requested access. It is working remarkably well, but there are some features still missing (that are coming soon!). Add yourself to the waitlist to be the first to get access.