Sooner or Later, Support Will Become a Feature of your SaaS

Amongst starting, and even intermediate, SaaS founders, there is often the costly mistake of focusing on the software part of SaaS, while forgetting about the service part. But a paradigm shift is underway. More and more SaaS’ founders start to recognize the indispensability of exceptional customer support.

Arvid Kahl’s proclamation, “A successful SaaS business focuses on the service,” serves as a poignant reminder of the evolving dynamics.

Support is not just an ancillary component but a central driver of your SaaS’ success.

Support as a Strategic Imperative #

SaaS founders, once fixated on software prowess, are awakening to a new reality—one where customer support plays a pivotal role in the overall success.

User and customer experience is paramount, so investing in robust customer support emerges as a strategic imperative. The discussion shifts from a narrow software-centric approach to a broader understanding of how exceptional support can impact customer loyalty, retention rates, and the long-term value of SaaS customers.

  • Nuanced Understanding. Humans bring a depth of understanding and nuanced approach that automated systems may miss.
  • Empathy and Connection. Genuine empathy establishes a human connection, making users feel heard and understood.
  • Complex Issue Resolution. Human-based support excels in solving intricate issues, offering adaptive and creative problem-solving.
  • Trust and Credibility. Users find reassurance in human interactions, building trust and establishing credibility.
  • Feedback Loop Improvement. Human interactions provide a direct avenue for valuable user feedback, contributing to continuous improvement.

No AI as quality differentiator #

AI is being heavily adopted by (email) support tools, primarily driven by the potential to reduce operational costs and streamline workforce expenditures. However (as of late 2023) AI undoubtedly offers efficiencies, it falls short in replicating the nuanced attributes of human interaction. Your customers are increasingly discerning, recognizing when they engage with AI bots. This realization, coupled with a perception of not being taken seriously in AI-driven interactions, poses a notable challenge. In the pursuit of technological optimization, it becomes imperative for founders to strike a balance, acknowledging the merits of AI while preserving the intrinsic value of the human touch in customer interactions.

Recognizing the need to invest in support is one thing; executing it effectively is another. The human element plays a pivotal role. Founders and management can foster a culture of customer-centricity by instilling the importance of support across all levels of the organization. Not just acknowledging the significance of customer support bút actively promoting a mindset that prioritizes user satisfaction.

Not the Calm, SaaS way #

Successful SaaS companies don’t have just a support team, but many other teams, like marketing and engineering, join support as well. This is not only so they can answer more specific queries when they arise, but also to understand the customer they build the product for. Founders and management should encourage an environment where support professionals feel empowered to share their observations and suggestions, fostering a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of the support team also contributes to a positive work culture. Whether it’s resolving a challenging issue or receiving positive user feedback, acknowledging these achievements not only boosts team morale but also reinforces the significance of their role in the overall success of the SaaS business. By investing in the people behind the support structures, SaaS businesses can cultivate a resilient and customer-focused foundation for sustained growth.


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