Shared inbox for SaaS teams

Support for your SaaS doesn’t have to a blackhole of your time. Helptail’s shared inbox for SaaS teams helps you to do support the calm-way.

List of emails on the left panel, next to it the email with a dropdown listing various team members who can be assigned

Running a calm SaaS company that is also growing is no easy feat. More growth often results in more support emails. With Helptail’s shared inbox for teams you can reclaim a bit for that calmness without compromising on customer happiness.

Only see emails relevant to you

Unlike other email support products, Helptail only shows emails that are assigned to you or that have yet to be assigned. This will make sure you and your team won’t get overwhelmed.

What is more is that once you have opened an email, it automatically is removed from the inbox. You can create a filter to view all assigned (to you or others) emails if you want though.

Assign others

If you find that, after reading an email, you are not the right person to respond, you can assign someone else from your team. The email now gets moved into their inbox and they get notified. Any upcoming emails are now also assigned to them.

Get early access

Helptail is currently in early access with multiple dozen SaaS companies using it daily. Early birds get a 50% discount for the first 12 months. Note that it might take some time before you are invited.