Say No More

No more bloat with gimmicky features. No móre features, but just a great email support tool for small SaaS teams. Say No More!

No Documentation or Knowledge Base

Say goodbye to mundane documentation and clunky knowledge base features that don’t check off all your boxes. Make it yours with your existing static site generator instead! It’s a win-win — save money, get the SEO juice and the Documentation and Knowledge Base exactly like you want.

No Chat

Chat features? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Helptail knows you’re running a tight ship. Wasting precious hours on chat with a dead lead? Not on our watch. Instead: kick back and relax while you master the art of epic email support. Because your customers deserve more than quick replies.

No Automated Emails

Robo-response? Negative! Helptail is keeping it real. Human to human. Your customers deserve more than soulless, automated replies. Foster genuine connections with your customers. Let your brand’s personality shine through, and watch as your customers become your biggest cheerleaders. High-five!

No Stats

We believe in support sans statistics. No need to be a math wizard here; SaaS support is all about the human touch. Say goodbye to response time fretting and email counting nightmares. Join the numbers rebellion and let your support team create magic, one customer at a time.

No feedback requests

Seen those “How would you rate my reply?” questions (or worse: those follow up emails)? Yeah, that’s not gonna happen with Helptail. No good has come out of it. Helptail encourages great support at all times.

No Omnichannel Support

You want us everywhere? Sorry, we’re exclusive! Helptail proudly sticks to its email-only love affair. Why? Because email is the one true language that speaks to everyone. No juggling multiple channels; but rather become email support wizards. Give your customers the VIP treatment right in their inbox, and let the magic unfold.

Get early access

Helptail is currently in early access with multiple dozen SaaS companies using it daily. Early birds get a 50% discount for the first 12 months. Note that it might take some time before you are invited.