Invite your team

While you can use Helptail as a support-team-of-one, it really shines when you invite your entire team. Helptail currently has no limits on seats (number of people in your team), but a fair-use-policy applies.

How to invite your team? #

Head over the team screen in your settings. Here all team members are listed orderded by the date they joined.

Seeing you are on this article, there is likely just one person: you. So let’s change that. Select the Create new invite link. This will create a unique link for you that you can share with your team however you like, in your team chat, via email or snail mail.

Find the trash-icon on the right side of the invite link. Select and confirm to delete it. The invite links gets deactivated immediately. People who now follow the link will see a Page not found screen.

Have questions?

Something still unclear? Reach out to support.