Write and reply

The composer is likely where you spend the most time in Helptail. It’s minimal by design, so you can focus on writing great responses to your customers. It has a few tricks up its sleeve though!

Send new email #

You can write a new email from the New email button in the navigation. Selecting it will open the email composer in the bottom-right.

Select Send to send it right away. You will notice a confirmation in the bottom-center confirming the email was sent.

Tip: you can use the Keyboard shortcut [ to open and close the navigation.

Reply to an email #

Responding to an email is easy with Helptail. Select the Reply button at the top of the message. This will show the composer, with only the area to write a reply, above the message.

Select Send to send the email. You will get to the next email in line. Refer to the Reply workflow for more details on this.

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