With filters you can view emails that match a certain criteria. For example:

  • emails assigned to you

  • emails assigned to others

  • contacts with a $29 monthly subscription

Apply filters #

Your existing filters are listed in the navigation. By default they are ordered by creation date, but you can drag and drop them however you like

Create new filters #

From your inbox, select the filter field at the top. A panel will slide down, where you:

  • add a name for the filter, eg. Assigned to me

  • select a source you want to filter with, eg. Assigned member

Depending on this source more filter-options will appear to create your filter.

Edit existing filters #

You can select the filter field when you have the filter applied. The same panel will slide down. Make the changes you want and select Save.

Re-order filters #

You can re-order the filters in the navigation panel. Hover over the filter-icon in the navigation; the cursor will change. Then drag & drop the filter up or down. The ordering is applied to all team members.

Note that also the Keyboard shortcuts will change when doing so.

Delete a filter #

From the same panel as editing a filter, you can select Deleteā€¦. A modal will appear to confirm you really want to select the filter.

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